Little Sa'fyre Terry has experienced unimaginable tragedy in her only 8 years of life. This Christmas, you can help bring a little more joy into her world.

Two years ago, Sa'fyre's family's home caught fire in the early morning hours. Between her father, sister, and two brothers, she was the only survivor of the blaze, making it out alive because her father shielded her from the flames. Sa'fyre suffered burns over 75% of her body and has undergone many operations in the two years since the fire.

Since the tragedy, her aunt and uncle have been her guardians. This year, her aunt bought a metal Christmas tree shaped card holder, and Sa'fyre said that, for Christmas, she wanted to fill the whole tree with cards.

It's a somewhat sad statement about our society today that my first reaction when seeing this story was to search online to see if it was actually real, or a cruel scam that someone came up with.

But it is quite real. And you can take part. If you would like to send Sa'fyre a card, you can click here for all of the information from the official Facebook page that her aunt maintains.