Costco is making changes to its stores. 

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An article from USA Today tipped me off that the store chain will be closing its photo centers as of February 14th of this year. The article shared that the news is shown on the store's site - and sure enough, when I visited, the IMPORTANT PHOTO CENTER ANNOUNCEMENT message was there at the top of the webpage. This didn't come as a surprise to me, since some of their photo centers had already been closed - I remember my Mom mentioning that her Costco's photo center closed last year.

The important photo center message from Costco does note that some photo services can be handled online, like prints, greeting cards, photo gifts, and more, but you won't be able to get ink refill, passport photos taken, photo restoration, or home movies transferred once the photo centers close.

It looks like the Costco in Brick is the only remaining store with a photo center in Ocean County, so if you need to get some photos printed, you'll want to do it before February 14th, otherwise, you'll have to go online or make other arrangements.

This isn't the first we're hearing of Costco ending popular services. Last year, the chain announced that they were saying goodbye to their delicious 12 x 16 half-sheet cakes. The cakes were nixed to help with social distancing, but there's no official word on why the photo centers are closing. The USA Today article says Costco sent an email to members explaining that there has been a decrease in the need for photo printing.

Are you sad to see photo centers at Costco go?

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