Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


If you love art, if you love the outdoors and you enjoy day trips here in New Jersey .... then you need to visit "Grounds For Sculpture". GFS is home to the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts and it contains his career works.

People describe GFS as "art imitating art". Johnson's sculptures are a combination of original pieces and reproductions of famous art works. Also guest artists exhibits can be found as well. The grounds has a rotating schedule for various collections that tour the complex.

There are several places to eat....including their formal restaurants "Rats" and two cafe's .... the Peacock Cafe' and the Van Gogh Cafe'

Grounds For Sculpture is a great day trip and we always see something new each time we go, if your looking for a fun and artistic day out....head to Hamilton Township. Check out my video below from our trip to their Frost & Fire event 2019



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