Fantastic Summer Day Trip
I am not an art expert, I am not a Van Gogh expert, but I do enjoy art and I do enjoy Van Goghs’ works so this day trip to New York City this summer was fantastic! It was a totally new way to experience and “art show”.
Check Out History Meets Art Meets Function
This article is all about “water towers”. Yes believe it or not I think there’s a visual history and art when it comes to the “water tower”. Historically you seem to find the older towers in more urban areas, the ones that go for less visual art and are more a piec…
Scenes from Sea Hear Now 2019
Scenes from Sea Hear Now 2019 ..... It was a fun time out at the Sea Hear Now Festival 2019 on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. It is a combination of music, art and life at the beach. Concerts going throughout the day, art from local artists on display and surfing offshore.
Ocean County Artist Paints a Maritime Mural
Ocean County Artist Paints a Maritime Mural ..... Murals are becoming more and more popular to add color, scenery and art to towns throughout Ocean County. Local artists are using space available to create local works of art. I think it's great and I love to photograph these projects.

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