Halloween in Ocean County means a few things - neighborhoods coming together to throw parties, families dressing up and going door to door, and of course one of the biggest Halloween parades in the country.

But it also makes some think about ghostly experiences that may not have been all fun and games.

I've been investigating with the Garden State Ghost Hunters for almost 10 years now. In 2012, we created Ocean County Paranormal as a local paranormal outreach project for the Jersey Shore.

A lot of people ask me if, in my years of going to places that are allegedly haunted, I've had a paranormal experience and if I've seen a ghost.

My answer is always the same - I've had experiences that I can't necessarily explain, but I still haven't had that "oh wow" moment.

I like to consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I'm respectful of the experiences and beliefs of others, but I have to have an experience of my own to be able to say that I truly believe.

Again, I've had some strange experiences and collected audio, photo, and video evidence that I can't easily explain. But to me, the absence of an explanation doesn't necessarily equal proof of the paranormal.

But I've also encountered (and work with) enough people who have had experiences of their own, that I do believe that people truly feel like they have had paranormal encounters.

So as we dress up as ghouls and goblins for Halloween, have you ever experienced something that you are unable to explain through conventional means? Comment below and fill us in on your spooky stories!

While you're at it, if you think that your home or office is haunted, click here to tell us about it and we might come out to do an investigation!


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