Don't call yourself a local unless you know how to pronounce these places.

New Jersey has a rich and interesting history.  Many of our town names and other places come from Native American words, are named for historical figures, or are named for their location (take the easy-to-say Seaside, for example).

If you're a New Jersey native, many of these seemingly difficult-to-pronounce towns, counties, and other names will be like second nature for you.  But you can always spot an out-of-towner when you hear an incorrect attempt at saying one of these 10 places.

And listen, there's nothing bad about being unable to correctly say any of these towns on your first try!  Some of these names can be tricky!  But, one of the great things about New Jersey is that we take pride in being helpful.  So, if you're new here and really want to impress the locals, I'm here to help you with 10 of the most difficult to say places in the Garden State.

No matter whether you're trying to blend in with the rest of the true New Jerseyans, or, if you've lived here forever and you're unsure about the correct way to say a place's name, don't worry - I got you.

After reading these 10 commonly mispronounced New Jersey places, and the right way to say them, you'll be able to call yourself a true local.  You're welcome!

Only True New Jersey Locals Can Pronounce These 10 Town Names

Don't call yourself a local unless you know how to pronounce these places.

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