Happy St. Patrick's Day! We thought we'd share some facts about the "Emerald Isle" a sort of "Irish 101" with many facts about Ireland provided to us by irishtrivia.com

Maybe you can use some of this info at your St. Patrick's Day parties tonight and this weekend!

  • Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland
  • Whipped Cream is the official topping on an Irish Coffee!
  • One of the most famous Irish Movies is the Quiet Man which starred John Wayne and Maureen O' Hara
  • The Capitol of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin
  • A Traditional Irish Toast in Gaelic is simply Slainte' ... which means Health or Good Health .. It's pronounced (SLAHN-chə)
  • Erin Go Bragh in Gaelic means "Ireland Forever"
  • The Circle in the Center of the Celtic Cross Represents the Sun
  • The Colors of the Republic of Ireland Flag are Green, White and Orange (in that order) the reverse is the National Flag of the Ivory Coast
  • If you kiss the Blarney Stone, at Blarney Castle ... You will receive the "gift of gab" and yes while in Ireland Shawn kissed the stone!
  • The Oldest College in Dublin is Trinity College
  • The currency of Ireland is the Euro
  • Colcannon is an Irish Dish Made of Potatoes and Cabbage
  • Waterford (Crystal) is the oldest City in the Republic of Ireland
  • Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish Poet, allegedly said on his death bed "Either this wallpaper goes or I do"
  • Boxty is an Irish Potato Cake
  • Arthur Guiness Founded St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin in 1759

So there are some fun facts for your St. Patrick's Day!



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