Well it was 54 years ago, March 1st, that 92.7 WOBM first went on the air and began a legacy of local broadcasting here at the Jersey Shore.

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March 1st, 1968 in the former Bayville studios the little seagull began to fly. Of course if you follow WOBM history you know it was during a big snowstorm, so this year we will not be re-doing history because our forecast for Tuesday has NO snow.

I always love telling the story of one of my first encounters with 92.7 WOBM. It was a weekend and I was listening to the station and the announcer who was on was doing a trivia contest. I do not remember the exact question but it involved Hollywood and a brand of cigarettes lol I was about 10 and had no clue, but either my Dad or Granddad knew the answer so I called in and got it right! The answer I remember was “Chesterfield” cigarettes lol I won the big prize it was a case of spaghetti lol pasta, which yes was very tasty.

Fast forward 45 years and here I am still loving doing contests with you each morning with the morning coffee contest at 7:10 am weekdays. Truly blessed to be working with Sue Moll each morning and spending time with you and your families. It’s a pleasure each day to join Vin Ebenau with news, Nancy Reamy with traffic, Dan Zarrow with weather and Kevin Williams with the Hometown View. Oh yes and YOU the most important part, our fantastic 92.7 WOBM listeners. You at home have made coming to work every day for 25 years a pleasure each and every day.

Happy Birthday 92.7 WOBM the best is yet to come :)

Share your memories with us :)


Happy Birthday 92.7 WOBM

Photos from Shawn Michaels collection over the past 25 years with 92.7 WOBM


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