We wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July and we wanted to have you tell us why YOU love America. We asked you to tell us on our social media (follow us @927wobm) and you responded. So let us share your thoughts on why we all love America and today we celebrate America's birthday.


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Denise: Freedoms

Seth: Freedom of worship

Sandi: Our freedom

Donna Lynn: Our beautiful National Parks

John: Every thing

Jeanne: Home of the Free, because of the brave

Kevin: Freedom

Sean: Served my country 20 years

Colette: I am for America

Mary: The ability to dissent and to vote!

Peggy: Definitely our Freedom

Joyce: The Freedom we have, Thank you all that give to us, God Bless you all

Anna: I love freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the unity of its people..all the things we seem to be losing. I hope this country can become strong once again!

Cynthia: Freedom

Leslie: I love our diversity and the way we keep working to bring all the pieces of this Democratic experiment together in a fair way and to live up to our ideals. We’re still a work in progress but we keep evolving

Karen: Freedom. Coming from a military family that has been on active duty back to the Civil War ( I have a grandson on active duty now ) and a former military wife, I can testify that we truly are blessed. Until you live in other countries, you will never truly understand this privilege

Tony: The Freedom we have

Nancy: Freedom!!

Diane: All of our freedoms

Evelyn: Freedom

Derek: Yuengling

Kev: Dennys


These are just some of the comments and we thank you all for taking time to tell us what you love about America. Happy Birthday, America, here is to another 248 years!





Happy 4th of July


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