Two words that are very familiar to New Jersey residents: "Rude Drivers"

Let's face it.

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It is considered an odd day when you aren't throwing your hands up in the air, honking your horn or even flipping the bird to another fellow Jersey driver who has no idea what they are doing.

But New Jersey is not alone.

There are rude drivers all over the place but I am sure you already knew that.

A study was recently conducted to find out exactly where the rudest drivers drive in all of the United States of America.

Results were tabulated based on each city, not state, so there is a possibility for only part of New Jersey to be considered ruder than the rest.

Could you be one of the rudest drivers this study is talking about? Let's find out.

Here is how the results were calculated:

The driving history from more than 2.5 million drivers who have applied for car insurance was analyzed.

The higher the number of violations in each city, the ruder the drivers are in that city.

So, is not the exact type of "rudeness" we usually think of that commonly takes place in NJ but the more you know so, on with it.....

Here are the violations that were analyzed for this rude driver study:

So, What Makes A Rude Driver?

Well, let's find out...

So I guess in a way...this study shows where the most dangerous drivers are located but either way I have some good news.

New Jersey does not have the most dangerous...or rudest...or whatever you want to call it drivers in the country!


As a matter of fact, we didn't even rank in the Top 20!

Can you imagine that? WE are in the more polite half of the country when it comes to driving! There's a shock...

When I read the original article, I almost didn't believe it either which is why I had to share the news.

So let's bask in the glory as we take a look at the top 5 cities with rudest drivers:

5.  Roanoke, Virginia - Rude drivers per 1,000 residents: 48.1

4. Portsmouth, Virginia -  Rude drivers per 1,000 residents: 50.9

3. Alexandria, Virginia -  Rude drivers per 1,000 residents: 52.8

2. Caldwell, Idaho -  Rude drivers per 1,000 residents: 53.8

1. Pocatello, Idaho -  Rude drivers per 1,000 residents: 58.4

Looks like Virginia and Idaho should get some driving lessons, huh?

But as for New Jersey....



Good job New Jersey.

Take a look at all the details involved in this study at

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