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As we continue to deal with the Coronavirus Crisis here in New Jersey a date is beginning to loom in the background.

May, 25th, Memorial Day 2020, a huge weekend here in Jersey and Governor Murphy is hinting at the possibility of having to cancel the "usual" happenings due to COVID-19.

In a recent article by savejersey.com the Governor is hinting at keeping Jersey shut down through Memorial Day Weekend. The Governor stated, “I think this is a June or July much better reality if we keep doing our part, especially stay at home right now.”

In the savejersey.com article, this latest read of the COVID-19 pandemic timeline would mean Jersey’s boardwalks and beaches are likely to remain empty for Memorial Day Weekend, the symbolic start of the summer season.

In 2018 alone, New Jersey's tourism industry was worth an estimated $44.7 billion and added $5 billion in state and local tax revenue.

How do YOU feel? Do you think we can be ready to be back to business by the end of May in time for Memorial Day Weekend?

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