New Jersey's jobless rate and why it is higher than other states in the region was expected to be the focal point yesterday when State Labor Commissioner Hal Wirths testified before the State Senate Budget Committee.

Republican State Senator Tony Bucco (NJ Senate Republicans Facebook)

That was before the ranking Republican on the panel dropped a bombshell saying there's only one thing stopping him from moving his company to another state. Don't forget; Governor Chris Christie is also a Republican and he's at the helm in New Jersey.

"I talk now as a businessperson that owns a manufacturing company in this state," says GOP State Senator Tony Bucco. "I tell you, we are over-regulated and we are over-taxed in this state as a business…I think that's what the problem is with this state. We are over-regulated, businesses and that's why we're losing businesses in this state……If I were not a State Senator I'd move my business to Pennsylvania."

Improving New Jersey's business climate has been one of Christie's top priorities since taking office. Almost since day-one of the Christie Administration, Lt. Governor Kim Guadango has been tasked with the job of cutting red-tape for companies in New Jersey. These facts were not lost on Senate Budget Committee chairman Paul Sarlo, a Democrat. He pounced on Bucco.

"So, I guess you're hoping the Governor does a better job than he's done in the last three years in cutting regulations," says Sarlo. "That's what I heard."

Shifting into damage-control mode, Bucco says Democrats are blocking legislation to lower taxes for businesses and cut regulations.

"You (Democrats) are in the majority," said Bucco to Sarlo. "You have the ability to bring up the bills."