Good bye to April and certainly we are not sad to see you go.

In some cases a month that did not exist with few if any significant dates and events not counting those that impacted people on a very personal level.  It simply was for the most part, the worst of times.

However May arrives today and we can only hope these 31 days will be filled with promise, progress and sunny days.  It certainly looks like the first weekend of the month will greet us with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and clearly people will be outside, whether working in their yards, heading to a now-opened park or playing golf.

The latter might be challenging in terms of getting on a course with the restrictions put in place but those determined to pull out their 7-iron will likely find a way. It is a positive sign but let’s not forget that if people don’t follow rules of behavior the governor could close them again.

It’s been a stressful few weeks for many including high school seniors.  Not only have they had to deal with virtual learning and the loss of sports and other activities they have had to consider their futures.  Today is National Decision Day which is traditionally when these seniors are being asked to make their final decisions on what college or university they plan on attending.

While many schools have pushed the deadline to June 1 there are plenty of high school students who need to make their choice now and with the pandemic in play it is even more difficult than in the past.  Reports indicate that many high school seniors will hold off on attending a four-year school in the fall for not only financial reasons but not knowing if they’ll be on campus or doing so in a virtual fashion from their own homes.

Todd Frazier is like many other fathers these days.  Hanging out at home helping his wife care for three young children and wondering when he’ll go back to work.  Of course Frazier is a major league baseball player whose season is on hold due to the pandemic.

In between working out at home and helping 6-year old Blake with his homework I caught up with him Thursday from his Toms River home.  Watch our conversation on

Stay healthy my friends!

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