Many holidays and events have been canceled or postponed this year, but there is still one holiday that will be happening!

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We received a press release from the International Middle Child Union stating that Middle Child's Day will still happen on August 12th. A funny quote in the press release from the union's founder, Bruce Hopman, says: "if we called it off, it probably would be no different than any other year. Nobody would even notice!"

The press release also states that the International Middle Child Union is the world's largest (and apparently only) Middle Child advocacy group. They have a website, and a Facebook Page too!

Did you know there was a Middle Child's Day? I didn't. I knew there was a Siblings Day (April 10th), and an Only Child Day (April 12th). It's kind of awkward that a) I didn't even know Middle Child's Day existed, and b) Only Child Day and Siblings Day are in April, and Middle Child's Day is in August.

If you have a Middle Child, put August 12th in your phone calendar right now. Set a reminder to show them a little extra love, and maybe make a cute social media post about them on that day too!

And of course, this post is all in fun - Middle Children (and all kids) should be appreciated every day!

Diana Tyler
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