If you've had to give up Oreos due to dietary restrictions - this is good news.

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Oreo announced on their social media pages that they're introducing gluten-free versions of their cookies in 2021. Check out the announcement on their Instagram below:

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An article from People magazine shared more news about the cookies - they'll be available in regular and Double Stuf too! The article also states that they'll be on shelves as soon as January, and you'll be able to get them wherever Oreos are sold (so we can probably expect to see them in grocery stores in Ocean County.)

I think this is really great news. People tend to turn their nose down on gluten-free food, but I have friends who suffer from gluten intolerances and really miss being able to enjoy treats like this. I think it's great that more companies and restaurants are finding ways to make changes to their products and menus to make things easier for those who need to follow a special diet.

And if gluten-free cookies just aren't your thing, don't worry. People shared that Oreo is introducing new flavors next year, including Java Chip, and Chocolate Hazelnut. I can see myself eating an entire package of each in one sitting.

Diana Tyler
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