It's the collaboration you never knew you always needed. 

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The collaboration was inspired by her album Chromatica - the pink and green colors of the cookie definitely give off this vibe. Do you think the Chromatica oreo will taste like a regular oreo? CNN says that the cookies are flavored vanilla, but there isn't much word on what the green filling will taste like. Let's take some guesses. Green apple? Watermelon? Maybe a sour candy flavor (like her song with Blackpink)? Who knows. I'm sure Lady Gaga has something planned up her elaborately decorated sleeves.

When can you get the Lady Gaga Oreos? The article from CNN shares that they'll be hitting shelves come January, but, you can get a heads up by signing up for the "Lady Gaga x Oreo Stan Club." (By the way, "stan" just means you're a really big fan, you don't actually have to be named Stan to join.)

Will you be buying the Lady Gaga Oreos? I know I definitely will be getting my hands (or as Lady Gaga says, claws) on these babies.

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