How many of you are stressing out about Valentine's Day?  You may not know what to get for your sweetheart.  Or you may not have the funds to get her what she really wants.

Or maybe your worried that you won't like what your honey will give you?  Taste in traditional gifts like jewelry and perfume is so personal.  The guy may mean well but might get you something that you don't like.

Is hinting for what you want acceptable these days?  What about circling photos in a magazine or catalog?  E-mailing a link to a specific item?

An effort to be practical and not have him 'waste' money runs the risk of being unromantic. But if he stresses about gift selection, isn't it kinder to help him with a suggestion or two?  Is it better to tell him what you would like or better to pretend you like the gift but never wearing/using it?

The Sunday paper was filled with ads for jewelry.  I hope people aren't feeling pressure to buy expensive gifts.  I think the most romantic gifts can be simple and inexpensive.  So if money is tight, and/or it's a relatively new relationship, would you consider setting a budget?



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