Last night I hosted a small party at my house.  It was a gathering of 4 women who shared food, wine, laughs, stories, and support.  What made this a bit different from more traditional "Girls' Night In," was that it was a Solstice Celebration.

When my friend Lisa proposed the idea, I had to ask, "why?"  Truthfully, I thought Solstice Celebrations were just a pagan thing.  If you search online you'll see a lot of mainstream media articles about these celebrations but I'll just focus on what we did at my place last night.

Lisa, who's a professional storyteller, engaged us with a tale of Egyptian mythology.  Then we talked about creativity...where we find inspiration...and what goals we want to achieve in the coming months.  We were 2 Christians, 1 Jew, and 1 Athiest so this was not a religious discussion.  It was just us gals sharing a bit of our journeys with each other; past, present, and future.

To add to the festitivies, Lisa handed out CDs and markers and encouraged us each to make our own mandala, something else I had never really known about.  There are many different definitions for mandala but for our purposes, they were a means for us to do some creative expression; drawing shapes on the shiny circular discs in a free-flowing fashion.  Then she passed around a notebook so we could all jot down some goals that we hope to achieve.

We'll be able to look at the journal and see how far we've come the next time we get together, for the Autumnal Equinox.

Did I ever think I'd be celebrating the turn of each season?  Not really.  But thanks to Lisa and my wonderful friends, I'm all in.  I think it's a nice way to reflect, and reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other.