It's National Teacher Appreciation Day so I want to suggest something nice you can do today.  Using Facebook, start an online conversation with some of your old classmates.  Mention teachers by name and have people comment with funny or inspiration stories about them.

So far the group I'm chatting with has reminisced about the teacher who really taught us to think for ourselves.  We've chuckled about the teacher who used to reward correct answers by giving out Twinkies!  (I don't think that kind of positive reinforcement would go over well in these more health-conscious times.) We're reflecting on those teachers who took on mentor roles and really helped shape our lives.

To all of you educators in Ocean County, thanks for doing the very important work you're doing.  To all of you who are connected to old school pals and maybe even old teachers, it might be nice to share some memories online today.

And feel free to copy us here, either in the Comments section or on Facebook.  We'd love to read about some great New Jersey teachers, past and/or present.

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