Only about a week after we got a look inside of Jon Bon Jovi's Monmouth County mansion that's currently on the market. Today, we're getting a look at his brand new digs - a jaw-dropping Florida estate.

First and foremost, credit where it's due - my colleague Matt Ryan on our sister station 94.3 The Point did the hard work on this one, gathering the photos and compiling them into a gallery. I'm just the guy who's passing along his hard work.

That being said, the photos are truly something to behold.

If you couldn't care less about the backstory, go ahead and scroll down for the photos.

From the impressive stretch of private beachfront to the airy covered outdoor sitting area, the Palm Beach compound is absolutely a rock star's home.

Local reports say that JBJ was just upgrading his Florida digs by selling his $20 million house down the road while simultaneously closing on the new place (it alomst feels like an insult to call it a "house", doesn't it?) for more than double the selling price of the old place.

Interestingly, the report in the Palm Beach Post points out that Jon and his wife actually custom built the smaller (hah!) home over the last two years, but when it was finished a couple of months ago, decided to flip it instead.

By the way, when I say "smaller home", that's comparing 7,000 square feet for the $20 million property to 13,035 square feet for the $43 million home.

So, you know, the old place was practically a garden shed in comparison.

Ok, enough of my typing, how about we take a look inside of the new digs?

Check it out:


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