• Anyone watch the Chris Rock Netflix special “Selective Outrage"? I’m sure some of you did and I wonder what you thought.  It had funny moments but all in all it was certainly not great if you were looking for belly laughs.  Of course many tuned in just to see and hear how he handled “the slap” which of course dates back to last year’s Oscars show.  Let’s just say he went after Will Smith and his wife and dropped a lot of “f bombs.”  There were a couple of times when I thought the subject matter was inappropriate but I guess that was to be expected during a rare live streaming event.  If you’re easily offended by profanity and sensitive subjects don’t bother watching. If I were grading this as strictly a comedy special I would give it a C+.
  • I had pretty much given up on the NBA a few years ago but the way the Knicks are playing I just might start paying closer attention. I can tell you as a teen-ager the Knicks were my greatest sports passion but they and the league lost me many years ago for a variety of reasons.  Now the team, which has not won a title in 50 years is slowly and I mean slowly dragging me back in.
  • I applaud groups like the Shore Conference and the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association for stressing and promoting the importance of good sportsmanship but there are many who don’t get the message. After watching a lot of basketball over the last week I can at least say there was better behavior on the court then in the bleachers where many adults were totally out of control.
  • Among fast food restaurants in our area I think Wendy’s has the best French fries. I really have no idea why I’m bringing this up but it just popped in my head.
Wendy's To Cut Trans Fats With New Cooking Oil
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