American Standard Businesses, LLC. (ASB) , a company that offers educational programs and advice for anyone embarking on a mission to go into business for themselves, launches a new website and program designed for veterans everywhere. 

It's an establishment that's been at the shore for more than a half-century and is a  business consultation and real-estate brokerage house.

If anyone were looking to start up their own business, this is where they can go for help on how to do so.

This Friday, a day where we stop what were doing to honor and salute veterans from all wars and conflicts comes a new program.

Vets from all six branches of the U.S. Military will be able to receive aid from the new "Financial Assistance Program" set to launch where the information on business consultation is free of charge following a one time only $1.00 registration fee. is the site, open now but will feature the new program Friday.

American Standard Businesses in Point Pleasant has been guiding entrepreneurs to open or maintain their operations for over 50-years.

Starting Friday, a new program begins to help our veterans and their families.

Vets will be able to receive various forms of aid from the new "Financial Assistance Program" and take the "Online Home Business Course" for free after a one-dollar registration fee.

"We will support them for the business concept and also the beneficial program for the veterans that are in New Jersey and around the country," ASB Founder and President Anthony Pezza said. "For the wives of fallen soldiers, we offer financial benefits to all of these people."

ASB Associate Stewart Tenner says they cover a multitude of areas in the online course.

"It deals with all facets of starting, operating and growing a business," Tenner said.

Pezza says the financial assistance program gives a little budget aid to vets.

"To pay their rent, give them a years mortgage, put food on the table and donate money for their kids to go to school or college," Pezza said.

Tenner says the online program gives vets a playbook on how to get things going.

"It'll take somebody about 50-hours," Tenner said. "It's quite a comprehensive course."

Pezza says they're also extending an open communication line to our veterans in accordance with this program for any of them who have any questions.

"We have open line communication and that's what makes this a great program," Pezza said. "Open line communication allows them to call anytime they want (732-232-4633), email anytime they want or have a chat with me."

Tenner says the course is open to vets who are doing this for the first time as well.

"I don't think you need any prior experience," Tenner said.

Here is what's included in the Financial Assistance Program for Veterans:

  • There is never any cash assistance offered.
  • Several financial benefits are offered,and the benefits are chosen by the recipient.
  • Below are the choices:
  1. Six months, up to one year, of paid rent or mortgage, including property taxes.
  2. Six months, up to one year of paid groceries, offered through a voucher, no cash surrender value.
  3. Clothing up to $5,000 through a credit card, no cash surrender value.
  4. Children's college fund up to $10,000 paid to the college of choice.
  5. Dental or medical assistance up to $10,000 --- if needed outside of any V.A. hospital services.

“It’s my life’s goal to ensure that my business knowledge and expertise will help veterans currently in their own business, and the aspiring entrepreneurs, learn more about how to successfully start, manage, run and/or grow a successful and profitable small business," Pezza said. "To achieve my goal, I’m making a gift of this program to all veterans who are interested in receiving this special program. It’s in gratitude for their invaluable services, and sacrifices for our country, and in memory of my six brothers who served during WWll from 1942 to 1947. There is a $1 ONE TIME ONLY registration fee so that the funds raised can be distributed to veteran’s organizations that assist those who have lost someone in the service of our country, and the forgotten wives of the fallen soldiers!"

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