Nearly half the 10 alleged members and affiliates of the DeCavalcante organized crime family rounded up on an assortment of charges today call Ocean County home.

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Frank Nigro, 72, and Paul Colella, 68, both of Toms River, were charged Thursday with roles in a scheme to kill a rival gang menber. Also charged in the complaint were Anthony Stango, 33, of Brick Township, and his father Charles, 71, of Henderson, Nevada.

The arrestees had their first apperances Thursday afternoon in a Newark federal courtroom.

The Stangos were also charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine and run a prostitution business. Others facing counts in the complaint are Mario Galli, 23, of Toms River, and John Capozzi, 34, and Nicholas Degidio, 37, of Union.

Information from the office of New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman identifies Charles Stango as DeCavalcante captain, and Nigro as the syndicate's counsel.

Prosecutors contend that Colella intervened on Stango's behalf for approval from upper-echelon members to organize the hit. Stango sought to recruit members of an outlaw biker gang and discussed it with an undercover agent, authorities said.

Father and son are also accused of setting up a pricey escort service for Toms River and vicinity. Investigators recorded drug transactions with an undercover officer on several occasions between December 12, 2014 and March 9, 2015, authorities said.

The drug charges resulted in arrests of James Heeney, 35, of Elizabeth, and Rosario Pali, 35, of Linden.


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