A Monday-morning crash of a minivan and a school bus outside Manchester Middle School leaves a township woman and three school workers shaken, but recovering.


Police said that Tracey Schadwald, 45, was maneuvering her 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van away from the student drop-off area a few minutes before 8 AM, when she drove into the back of the parked bus in which the employees were seated. Police added that no students were aboard.

All four were treated at Community Medical Center in Toms River. Schadewald sustained a leg injury.

Gail Serafin, 62, and Leslie D. Rickert, 62, of Manchester, and Maris Curran, 52, of Toms River, were evaluated and treated for injuries that police characterized as non-lifte-threatening.

The subsequent investigation is headed by Traffic Safety Unit Corporal Douglas Higgins.

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