Dont ever underestimate the importance of money. I know its often been said that money wont make you happy and this is undeniably true, but everything else being equal, its a lovely thing to have around the house. ~ Groucho Marx


I was outside doing some yard work today when I stumbled across a dollar bill just laying on the grass .... found money. Not that a dollar is anything to jump up and down about, but it's one more dollar then I had before I went outside. I think the most I ever "found" was a twenty dollar bill ... years ago.

Now that it's almost Summer here at the Jersey Shore you'll see more folks scouring the beaches of Ocean & Monmouth Counties looking for lost money and other treasures with their metal detectors ..... have you ever used one and found any money ? or something valuable.

Try to think what's the most money you ever found at one time and share your story ....