New Jersey sex-offender law enhancements that are stuck in the state legislature might be pried loose toward passage through the Internet. State Senator Chris Connors and Assembly members Brian Rumpf and DiAnne Gove (R-9) have started an on-line petition for Jessica's Law.

The Jessica Lunsford Act would increase penalties for sex offenders who victimize minors, and for anyone who harbors or hides a sexual predator. The Forked River-based lawmakers co-sponsor a bill that would enact it in New Jersey.

Also covered in the petition is a measure that would bar convicted sex offenders from living near schools, playgrounds and child care centers; and would refine the tiering procedure before sexual predators leave prison.

In a statement, they note that state legislators are perceived as taking no action or having no direction for sex-offender law upgrades, and voters find it frustrating.

"We understand and share this frustration as, for years, our delegation has worked closely with residents and local officials and law enforcement in a united effort to build upon the protections presently offered by Megan's Law including community notification," they say.

The lawmakers add that an online drive "is an effective grass roots means of demonstrating the level of public support or opposition" and allows residents "to play a more active role in the legislative process."

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