At this time it’s likely hard for many to find positives that are a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 1,200 in New Jersey while sending thousands to overwhelmed hospitals.

However there will be a time (hopefully sooner than later) when we can look back and find that something good has come out of something so bad.  Here are a few examples:

  • A new found respect for those front-line healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses who put their lives on the line every day while trying to save the lives of strangers. Add pharmacists, funeral directors and others to that list as well.
  • Once again when things are at their worst Americans are often at their best. Just look at all the efforts right here in the shore area to provide food and other resources to those that need it the most.  Restaurants, many closed or open on a limited basis, donating food and meals to hospitals and other first responders while also feeding the hungry.  Organizations like “A Need We Feed” working tirelessly to coordinate efforts to get meals to children, homebound seniors, veterans and the homeless.
  • Schools answering the bell to provide an education to children at home, a task that seemed impossible with so little time and in some cases resources. This was challenging for everyone involved from teachers to parents, who by the way also likely have a new found respect for teachers. While not perfect this has not been a vacation for anyone involved but it’s working.
  • Neighbors helping neighbors with everything from food shopping to unique celebrations of birthdays and other occasions that might have been lost. I’m inspired when I see videos of what people have done whether it’s vehicle caravans or just getting together to sing “Happy Birthday” outside someone’s home.
  • An appreciation that life’s little things are really not little but actually the best of what life is. If you’re safe and healthy and spending this time with those you love the most then that’s pretty good.  Sure we want to get back to doing other things but playing games, doing puzzles, and planning meals. Just being TOGETHER is a blessing.

When this is over life will get back to normal…not the normal we are accustomed to but a new normal that will result from this.  It won’t be easy but we’ll adjust because history tells us that’s how it’s been after all life-changing events.



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