Starting today, Verizon Wireless customers can save on their monthly bills. There's only one catch: you have to contact them and let them know that you want in.

The company is rolling out a number of tiered data plans that new customers can choose from when they sign up.

If you're a current customer, you can still get in on one of the new options, but you have to call them to let them know that you want to make the change. They've told Consumerist that current customers will not automatically be switched.

The different options, plans, and savings scenarios are actually a little confusing, so Consumerist has helpfully spelled it out, you can click here to read their article outlining everything. And hey, in the end, complicated or not, the important part is the savings, right?

Have you reached out to Verizon about these new plans? How did the process go? Let us know in the comments section!