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Here we are. I would like to thank everyone who voted in this first-ever Ocean County Pizzeria Wars! 

We have received just under 5000 total votes over the last week and a half, and I must say, I did not see any of the results coming. Certainly, I had my favorites -- all of which were eliminated in the nomination round!

In any case, every single pizzeria that was apart of any of the rounds are considered some of the BEST at the Jersey Shore and you can tell by comments, reviews, and the way customers rally around the restaurants during this contest.

Below are the results of the previous contest with just under 2000 votes being cast:

Ocean County Pizzeria Wars
Ocean County Pizzeria Wars

This is the third and FINAL ROUND of the contest and will be open until TOMORROW 2:00 PM! Any votes cast AFTER 2:00 PM will not be counted. The winner of the entire contest will be announced by Mark Anthony JUST AFTER 4 PM on 92.7 WOBM!

Please note that you will only be able to vote once per Google username in this round. You must sign in to your Google account to submit a response.

Be sure to film your reactions and submit them to WOBM's Facebook page!


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