This blog post is about crying.  It's a topic that I haven't written about before and yet it's something that all of us do.  (Although many people may try to hide their tears.)

I had a good cry yesterday while watching the One Love Manchester concert on TV.   Ariana Grande's team organized it as a benefit for the victims of the Manchester attack and their families.

I imagine the performers and concert goers might have had to push back some fear as they made their way to the stadium for the show.  But judging from the faces I saw, it looked like they were all glad to be there.  The upbeat performances helped lift everyones' spirits.  Miley Cyrus and Pharrell's "Happy" got the crowd dancing.  Katy Perry's "Roar" had people singing and gesturing triumphantly.

So what moved me to tears?  Several things.  Do you remember that beautiful song, "Angels" that we used to play on WOBM?  Well, Robbie Williams voice broke during it, and he asked the crowd to sing along.  So hearing him be affected by the song, and seeing the audience get emotional, tears started streaming down my face as well.  But I really lost it when I saw fans hold up signs that read "For Our Angels."  It just made me think of the fans who would have been there, but were taken too soon.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Then there was the inspiring song Ariana Grande sung with a school choir from Manchester.  One of the smaller singers up front started crying and Grande held her near and comforted her as they continued to sing.

My tears returned when the artists' led the crowd in chants such as, "Love, Love, Love, Love, Love," and "Manchester, We're Strong!"  A series of video clips of musicians saying "I Stand With Manchester!" showed sympathy and support from near and far.  The whole telecast was very well done.

The touching finale of Grande performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," was also a tear-jerker but ended the night with a bit of hope.

I talked to a psychologist friend who reassured me that shedding some tears can be good for us.  If you've been weepy lately, you might be interested in some of the health benefits of crying.

Has any performance ever moved you to tears?

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