I. Love. This.

Carly Fetzer passed away several years ago after years of battling a congenital heart defect. Carly was a graduate of Central Regional High School. She was loved in Berkeley Township, Lacey, and surrounding towns.

We rallied behind her and her family and love and cherish her memory. Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato proclaimed every February 12th as "Carly Day" in Berkeley Township, in honor of Carly. She was courageous and left us way too soon.

Carly was born with a congenital heart defect known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Carly enjoyed life with a smile on her face all the time when we would see her in the community for 18 years. As a resident of Berkeley Township, I love "Carly Day". I love when I see kids with Carly's t-shirts, wearing their red. We all wear our red for Carly in Berkeley Township and other towns surrounding Bayville.

I think this is so cool, Lacey Township dedicated their batting cages to the memory of Carly this past week. The batting cages are located in Lacey's Gille Park. The new name for the batting cages are "Carly's Cages," according to the patch.com.  A charity softball game was played between coaches of Lacey Girls Softball League and the Lacey Township Police Department. Carly loved Softball and played for many years.

After the game members of the Lacey Girls Softball League presented the Fetzer family with an honorary plaque. That plague will be mounted on the entrance to the batting cages at Gille Park in Lacey Township. Carly is still and will continue to make us all smile.

I love feel good, great community things. It's amazing the love and support here in Ocean County, "Thank you."

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