We take pride in all the amazing talent that the Garden State has brought to the world. Our extensive list of celebrities is impressive. But one celebrity is getting a ton of attention from the Razzies. And that's not so good.

Of course, the Razzies are basically the opposite of an Academy Award. Now the question becomes which of our beloved stars is the one that's getting the kind of attention that you don't really want to get. It turns out his particular New Jersey celebrity is no stranger to it.

He's (yep, it's a male celebrity) been spotlighted by the Golden Raspberry Awards, better known as the Razzies, before. And it's been way more often than I'm sure he'd like to be, and he's also been spotlighted for being one of the toughest guys in Hollywood to work with in the past. So maybe that's why he's getting all this attention.

Whatever the reason, it's not just Razzy nominations he's getting, and by the way, he's nominated for every project he did this past year. That means he has 8 more nominations under his belt.

This New Jersey actor has been "razzied" so much, he's being "honored" with his very own category this year named "Worst Performance By Bruce Willis In A 2021 Movie". Ouch. That has to sting a little.

Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis - Show
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Now, I have to admit. I've always thought of Bruce Willis as a really good actor. Die Hard is among my favorite movies of all time./ And he's funny, too. Have you seen him in Friends? and he seems like a good guy.

But the rumors of him being hard to work with and the fact that not all of his movies have turned into blockbusters may have led to this seemingly annual insult. But don't worry Bruce. It's going to take more than the Razzies to get New Jersey to stop loving you.

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