Howell Police spell the rumors of a gunshot at the Xscape Movie Theatre last night and have one person detained as a result.

Police say a caretaker for a disabled person in a wheelchair entered a theater toward the end of a movie, making ongoing viewers suspicious.

When the caretaker placed a backpack on the floor, it made a loud sound witnesses believed sounded like a gunshot.

Moviegoers then evacuated the theater and called 9-1-1.

After an investigation police say there was a large heavy battery inside the backpack.

Nobody was injured last night.

In addition to the 10 Howell patrol units, Lakewood and Jackson Police provided assistance.

All of the officers were used to clear the entire parking lot and surrounding areas.

Southard Fire, Howell First Aid Squad and Howell Police EMS were also on scene.

"We thank all agencies involved for their assistance. We also acknowledge the patrons who thought there was something suspicious and did something about it. They didn't ignore it. Although this was not a legitimate incident, all the patrons thought it was at the time. This is another example why it is so important if you "see something, say something". Chief Andrew Kudrick said on Facebook.

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