Protect your family this fall with these great safety tips.


Fall is running and jumping in the leaves, trick-or-treat for Halloween, and corn mazes and pumpkins. It gets dark earlier than it did in the summer. Here are some great safety tips for you and your family.

1. Get a Flu Shot.

2. Test and replace your batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. ( I usually do this when we turn the clocks back one hour.) I always remember to do booth or I would forget.

3. This year, especially, keep following the recommendations of the CDC for social distancing and mask wearing.

4. Maybe wear something reflective while walking at night and don't forget about your four legged best friend, he or she needs something reflective on them, also.

5. Extra lighting around the outside of your house.

6. Driving on wet leaves, please be careful. They are slippery.

7. Fall is a good time to check your heater.

8. Does your family have a "fire escape plan"? Maybe it's a good time to get one, according to

9. If you have a chimney, it's a good time to get it cleaned.

10. Check your car and make sure it's "winter" ready.

Speaking of fall we want to see your "furry" friends all dressed up in their favorite trick-or-treat costume. The four-legged friends love Halloween, too. Just no chocolate for them.

Sue Moll
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