These are the ten you chose, according to yelp and some of these were chosen by you.

Delicious google reviews and all ranges from great food to the atmosphere in one of these fabulous Ocean County restaurants. Atmosphere is everything in the fall. When it comes to the fall, we think pumpkins, warmer colors, and delicious food.

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If you love seafood, it made the list. If you love steak, it made the list. If you love a great atmosphere, it made the list. If you love Italian, it made the list. If you love a great family restaurant, it made the list. These places are high on the yelp list for being the best in each town in Ocean County and the Jersey Shore. Just another reason to live in Ocean County and this great place.

oneinchpunch, getty images
oneinchpunch, getty images

We have the "best" restaurants here at the Jersey Shore. I know I hear a lot of complaints about what we have - but there are so many positives to our restaurants and there's always a delicious restaurant to check out. It doesn't matter what town you live in, you will drive to your favorite restaurant if you're anything like me and my family.

spukkato, getty images
spukkato, getty images

When fall arrives we know summertime is over, we're getting ready for the holidays, and it's a time to eat. Why do we eat in the fall? I'm not sure, it must be all the pounds we try to shed in the summer.

When you think of all the delicious food in the fall, what's your favorite? Is it a dessert, pumpkin pie? Or maybe, a pot roast or beef stew?

Check out these fabulous 10 you will love:

10 Best Restaurants for the Fall in Ocean County, NJ

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