This is huge news for Ocean County commuters, especially Brick residents. After years of on and off construction, Exit 91 B-A on the Parkway northbound will finally be opening.

To show how long we've been waiting, I first wrote about the work on Exit 91 back in 2014.

But now, after years of work, work stoppages, lane shifts, and detours, people going to Brick will have a new option to exit the Parkway:

Photo by Ray Taylor
Photo by Ray Taylor

That's right, by this time next week, we should be able to get off of the Parkway right at the interchange of Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road.

Previously people wanting to get off the highway in Brick had to get off at Exit 89, which lets you out onto Route 70, or Exit 90, which lets you off on Chambers Bridge Road.

And, of course if you missed exit 89 or 90, you were stuck on the Parkway all the way until Exit 98, where you'd have to backtrack for miles.

But for those who live on the Herbertsville side of Brick, it meant traveling through a number of major intersections and jughandles just to get home.

So it'll be a welcome addition for many when the new interchange finally opens next week.

Will the new Exit 91 B-A make a difference for your commute? Tell us in the comments section!


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