FLORENCE — Life continues to come together for Johnny Bobbit, the homeless man whose act of kindness has led to him getting a second chance at a normal life.

Bobbit has taken a portion of the nearly $400,000 donated to him via GoFundMe, which was set up for him by Kate McClure and boyfriend Mark D'Amico, and purchased a house outside the New Jersey area.

"He's going to the country. He's a country guy at heart ... it's just a regular house. Nothing fancy at all," D'Amico told New Jersey 101.5. "It's something very simple. Something affordable. We didn't spend a crazy amount of money on it at all."

D'Amico said Bobbit does not want to disclose the exact location of the house in order to maintain his privacy.

Bobbit gave McClure, 27, of Florence, his last $20 to buy her gas when she ran out on Route 95 in Philadelphia.

D'Amico said he still has plenty money that will leave him with a trust fund to live on, a retirement plan and money to help other organizations. D'Amico, McClure and a financial planner helped him put together a longterm financial plan.

Bobbit was also able to buy a new truck but not the 1998 Ford Ranger he was hoping for.

"Turns out they're pretty hard to find — in the area, at least. We looked about 15 trucks, mostly online, all over the place about an hour's radius," D'Amico said, adding that he picked out a Ford Explorer.

The next step for Bobbit is to get his driver's license so he can complete the transaction for the house. His native North Carolina has expedited getting him a temporary license, which once received, will allow him to open a bank account and register the truck in his name.

"Everything's predicated on the documents arriving," D'Amico said.

Bobbit was uncomfortable with the attention at first, especially because his family was not aware of his situation.

"His brother came up from North Carolina ... they haven't seen each other for two years," D'Amico said .

Bobbit's big dream is to help other organizations and linked the #VetsLivesMatter group to his own GoFundMe page.  The organization is run by a 12-year-old student from Philadelphia.

"Johnny was very interested in the homeless vet aspect of it," D'Amico said.

D'Amico cautioned Bobbit to not donate too much in order to keep his own plan intact so that he doesn't find himself back in the same situation.

"This was a once in a billion opportunity for Johnny. It won't happen again," D'Amico said.

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