Since today is #GivingTuesday, I want to remind you of a resource that can help you decide where to put your hard earned money.

Charity Navigator is a New Jersey-based organization whose website enables us to find charities all over the world.  They report on Financial Practices, Accountability and Transparency.

They've made it easy to find places to contribute to, no matter what your interest.   Fill in your town and state and indicate what type of organization you're interested in (school, foundation, nonprofit, faith-based, etc.).  Then you'll see a list of organizations plus links to their websites.  The information published by Charity Navigator can help you see how much of your your donation will be put to good use and how much will go towards the organization’s administrative costs.

It might be wise to spend some time on the Charity Navigator site today if you want to be part of Giving Tuesday.  Or at least check it out before the end of the calendar year if you want to factor in your charitable contributions to your tax returns.

Whether your donation helps buy warm coats for kids or helps feed a local family, financial gifts are appreciated.  There's a bonus benefit to you, the donor, which is a potential tax deduction.  Of course you'll want to research this or talk to your accountant because every case is different.

What charity is most likely to get your support with a donation or time and/or money?  And how do you feel about the donation requests you're seeing on Facebook?  Have you ever donated to a cause that was linked to a friend's birthday request?


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