By now we're sure you've seen the viral "everything is cake" meme that's swept the internet and has many seriously questioning their own reality.

So, what exactly is the "everything is cake meme?"

It all started when BuzzFeed's Tasty shared a video compilation of desserts via Twitter over the weekend. The clip sees a chef cutting seemingly realistic everyday objects — like Crocs, fruits, vegetables, toilet paper, soap and plants — only to reveal that they're actually edible cakes with hyper-realistic fondant.

The cakes are made by Chef Tuba Geçkil of Red Rose Cake (@redrosecake_tubageckil), who specializes in making realistic 3-D cakes that look like real objects.

It's safe to say that Twitter was amazed by the level of detail and realism the baker has been able to achieve because the video has already amassed over 29 million views, as well as 150K retweets and 338K likes, at the time of this article

Check out the viral cake video for yourself, below:

The hyper-realistic cakes even had some people spiraling into an existential crisis and asking themselves, what if everything is cake? From there, Twitter did its thing and of course, that resulted in some of the funniest reactions ever.

Even celebrities like Lil Nas can't get over this conspiracy.

So, what do you think? Is everything really and truly made of cake? Or are we all just bored and hungry from quarantine?

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