What in the world is happening at the grocery store? Did I go to sleep and wake up 2 years later with  no memory of the gradual climb in the cost of food? I'm in a supermarket almost every day. I just get a few things I need. When I arrive, I'm usually a woman on a mission...to get what I want  and get out of there as soon as humanly possible.  I'm usually tired and hungry, probably not the best times to shop, but hey, a girl has to eat.  If possible, I will always take advantage of a self checkout line.  It's just faster to me.  In the beginning, I even thought it was kinda cool..."look at me scanning..." this is neat.   The monotone voice of the automated cashier became one of my girlfriends.  I named her Pam.    Hello Pammy...How much for these Mallomars?  Hi Pam...Don't forget my Star Magazine!   Flash forward months later when I, like everyone is paying a little more attention to what I buy and how much it costs. and I have just one question.  When did almost everything I need suddenly cost 4 dollars.  Everything costs four dollars!  I scan my milk.  FOUR DOLLARS 39 cents, Pam replies...I scan my chicken...FOUR DOLLARS, 69 cents....next comes the cookies...FOUR DOLLARS 19 cents...my cherrios...FOUR DOLLARS 20 cents....a frozen pizza...FIVE DOLLARS 99 cents...HEY PAM...WHAT'S  UP???!!!!  This pizza was $3.99 in the summer!  Yes,  I actually yell at her now.  When did everything become four dollars? Pam is not my BF and she is NOT invited to girls night.

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