I have never seen a movie quite like Don’t Look Up.  Frankly, I never want to see another movie quite like Don’t Look Up

This humble movie watcher thinks this flick misses by just a little on everything it tries to accomplish.

Actually, let me start by correcting myself. I said I never saw a movie like this, but I swear this basic storyline was in several movies you and I have seen, like Armageddon and Deep Impact.

An astronomy student and her teacher discover a comet is headed straight for Earth, and as they try to alert the world to the impending doom, politics, fame, and ego get in the way of anyone making the right decisions. It just seemed so obvious and predictable to me.

"Don't Look Up" World Premiere
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What was surprising was the fact that an A-List cast featuring New Jersey’s own Meryl Streep couldn’t even raise the writing to the level.

It needed to be to make it work. Neither could Leo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lawrence. As a matter of fact, I even wondered why these megastars even took the parts. And all I could think of was the fact they all couldn’t refuse a movie that even brushed on the topic of climate.

Netflix's "Don't Look Up" World Premiere
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Regardless of the star-studded cast, the movie's attempt to be funny fell short, despite the efforts of Jonah Hill. Its attempt to be serious also missed the mark despite the talent of the entire cast.

It, more importantly, is an attempt to open our eyes to some societal issues and combine them with political issues and the climate was well weaker than it needed to be for this movie and this message.

Don’t look up proved one thing to me. Even a star-studded movie about important topics that’s on Netflix can amount to 2 and a half hours you can never get back. If you're looking for where this movie ranks on my list of favorites...don't look up.  OK, I couldn't resist.

In fairness, the movie has been the top trending movie on Netflix, so not everyone agrees with me on this one.

But I absolutely love the work of these actors normally. As a matter of fact, here are my top 10 favorite movies from the 4 big stars of this flick.

Top 10 Favorite Movies From The Stars Of 'Don't Look Up'

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