You would never know it from the looks of things outside and the forecast for today but I am happy to announce the end of winter.

I know that seems like a stretch but after today and a cold weekend we will finally be out of a pattern that has made February seem endless.  By next Wednesday we might hit 50 degrees and I’m predicting snow and ice will be a thing of the past.  Of course I’ve been known to be wrong. Quite often.

Some Friday Quick Hitters:

  • We have been so caught up in dealing with wicked weather and of course COVID-19 it would be easy not to notice what has happened with gas prices. The average price for a gallon of regular around the state is $2.73 which is about a 25 cent increase from just last month and it’s expected to continue to rise.
  • Many are making fun of Tim Tebow’s baseball career now that he’s announced his retirement at the age of 33 but he did nothing to hurt the game, if anything he was a positive. Tebow spent five seasons in the Mets organization and wherever he played drew large crowds and always put on a happy face. At the least he was a goodwill ambassador.  The former Heisman Trophy winner will now spend more time as a college football analyst where he earns nearly $2 million a year.  Tebow can brag about one thing when it comes to his minor league career in which he batted .223.  That’s 21 points higher than what Michael Jordan hit in his only season of minor league baseball.
  • Rush Limbaugh was certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and was likely despised by as many as those who liked him. The controversial conservative talk show host died this week at the age of 70 a year after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  Whether you liked him or not Limbaugh had a remarkable run over many years and reshaped the landscape for talk radio in this country.
  • Tomorrow morning the shore’s top two girls basketball teams will face one another in a late addition to the schedule as St. John Vianney hosts Red Bank Catholic at 11:30 a.m. in Holmdel. I mention this because the Shore Sports Network will live stream the game on our website, app and Facebook page.

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