Earlier this morning, Shawn & Sue had a very special guest. Santa Claus - the big man himself - took a moment out of his busy schedule to drop by the 92.7 WOBM studios and he brought with him a gift for everyone in Ocean County!

What did he bring with him? Toys? No, not yet. Money? You wish. No, no. Santa brought with him the best way to spread holiday cheer: Christmas music for all to hear!

That's right, from now until Christmas, 92.7 WOBM is your soundtrack for the holidays, playing all of your favorites on-air, online, via Alexa and through the 92.7 WOBM app. So whether you're in Ocean County, at the North Pole, or somewhere in between on your magical sleigh or polar express, we've got you covered.

In case you missed the magical moment, watch the official switch to Christmas as it happened:

We can't thank Santa enough for officially kicking off the holiday season with us. Even though he had to head back to his workshop (it is his busy season after all), we know that his essence lives inside all of us, especially this time of year.

Between the shopping, hosting, and traveling, it can be a hectic time for all of us, so sit back, relax, and crank up the Christmas tunes for the next 4 1/2 weeks with 92.7 WOBM!

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