Bouncing around a bit on the first Monday of April:

While some of us might receive a final blast of winter today (how many times have I said that in the last few weeks) Easter Sunday was not a bad day at all.  Having made no real plans for several reasons we joined good friends Joe & Darlene Gomulka for a very non-traditional trip to Asbury Park which included stops at the Wonder Bar, Porta and the Festhalle Biergarten.

More than anything it was great to get outside and walk around and take advantage of a fairly nice early spring day.

My weekend actually began Thursday night when I served once again as the Master of Ceremonies for annual IAABO awards banquet for Shore District Board #194 at MJ’s Buttonwood Manor in Matawan. They are the men and women who officiate basketball games in the shore area.  As I always do with this group I had a great time poking fun at those who wear the stripe shirts while also saluting them as well.

Special awards went to George Fixter, Lou DeGeorge, Jarred Weiss, Jack Bush (50 years of service) and Southern Regional Athletic Director Chuck Donohue Jr. while the basketball programs at Manchester Township High School and Keansburg High School were honored for their outstanding sportsmanship.  Brian Murray and the banquet committee did a great job of organizing a really nice evening.

After just a few hours of sleep I was up Friday morning for a trip to Richmond, Virginia, one that should have taken five hours but took more like seven because of traffic.  Later that day I officiated the wedding of Devon Gundry, whose parents Pat and Ron are longtime friends at the historic Hotel John Marshall.  It was an awesome ceremony and reception at a truly spectacular venue.

We were up pretty early on Saturday and after breakfast made the return trip home which again saw a lot of traffic.  I need a better explanation as to why we would be cruising along at 60mph only to come to a dead stop and creep slowly for a mile or two.  Then back up to 60 and moments later another dead stop.  No accidents, no road work, just plenty of frustration.


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