Would you be able to do this?

Vest-A-Cop with the Toms River PBA is happening in Downtown Toms River until 10 pm tonight, September 26th.  If you're not familiar with the Vest-A-Cop foundation, it's an organization that helps provide police officers with bulletproof vests.

The Toms River PBA has done a few fundraisers for Vest-A-Cop.  There's the event tonight that I mentioned above, which will have a dunk tank, face painting, raffles, inflatables, and more.

Last week, East Dover Elementary and Principal Gray got creative with their fundraiser for Vest-A-Cop.  I'm not sure I would've been able to handle this one!  I can't imagine what the students at East Dover Elementary must have thought when they saw the principal taped to a wall!

You read that correctly - Principal Gray was duct taped to a wall in the school's hallway for hours to raise money for Vest-A-Cop.  Students participated by paying for a piece of duct tape to add to Principal Gray.  The money raised from the duct tape, which was $1500, went to the Toms River PBA's Vest-A-Cop event.

This fundraiser sounds like the perfect way to "get back" at your principal if you've ever had a problem with him!  What did he do if he had an itch, or even worse - had to use the bathroom?  I'm kidding, of course.  It looked like it was all in good fun.

The Toms River PBA was very grateful to Principal Gray for getting in such a sticky situation to help them raise money.  We're lucky to live in such an incredible community where people come together to support causes.

Here's the post of Principal Gray having the time of his life being duct taped to the wall.

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