Yes, you read that headline correctly - hatchet throwing.

Who needs a bowling alley or a pool hall when you can spend your time tossing axes with friends?

It is indeed a growing fad across the country, and it's coming to Hooper Avenue this fall.

Ocean County native Alex Vdovenko is bringing "Down the Hatchet" down the shore when the hatchet house (yes, that is the technical term) opens in the Silverton Shopping Plaza (the same plaza as Kohr's and the JBJ Soul Kitchen) this fall.

And they're serious too! In a press release, Vdovenko says that there will be, "leagues, tournaments, parties, and corporate events."

The work is ongoing at the storefront, and Vdovenko encourages locals to stay with their Facebook page and website for updates on when the axes will start flying.


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