I am sorry in advance, this is definitely going to trigger a few people. As you know, this Easter weekend was absolutely gorgeous. 

Maybe you decided to stay in town or head out to the beaches.  

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If you did, you may have noticed a few things. You noticed a little more traffic.  You may have noticed more people from out of town.  You may have also noticed busier businesses and finally noticed busier sidewalks. 

Now, depending on where you go, the sidewalks are more narrow in certain sections of town between Seaside Heights and Mantoloking.  

Obviously, if you were riding a bike, you must stay in the bike lane.   So that’s not an issue. If you are running, you are usually dodging people on the sidewalk, but safely able to stay on the sidewalk if you’d like to and that, is to be expected.  

Google Maps
Google Maps

Please don’t be this person, don’t be the person with the big double stroller rolling down the narrow sidewalk.  

This leaves very few options for other people to travel safely.   

People have to run on the street, walk into the street, to avoid you and your massive stroller. The other option is for the person with the stroller to walk down the road, with their children, and that’s not good for anyone. 

You’re probably wondering, why are I am so bothered by this?  Was I inconvenienced by this?  Do I not like people with double strollers?

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media
Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

No, I was that person this weekend. As you know I have two daughters that are pretty young and need a stroller.  

So I decided to take them out while it was still nice, on a solo walk, while my wife worked.  

It was way too windy to walk on the boardwalk so I decided to take them down the sidewalk parallel to 35.  

On a very narrow stretch of sidewalk.  

I try, really hard, to be considerate of others.  I started becoming uncomfortable.

Matt Moloney, Unsplash
Matt Moloney, Unsplare

After runners, walkers, and dog walkers, had to dodge me and this massive stroller, I started to feel really bad.  

I realized I made a huge mistake.  

After runners, walkers, and dog walkers, had to dodge me and this massive stroller, I started to feel really bad.  

I was committed.  Nothing more to do except smile and walk faster.

So, this is really a plea that we need wide sidewalks in certain areas with fewer obstacles.


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