The Lacey Food Bank is asking for help with donations of Easter supplies.

Credit: William Thomas Cain; Getty Images
Credit: William Thomas Cain; Getty Images

The Lacey Food Bank Kids Distribution will be on March 18th, 2021. Easter is a little earlier this year being on April 4th, 2021. The Lacey Township High School Interact Club chose the Lacey Food Bank Kids Division as their Easter service project. How cool? They are doing great things for the community.

Hippity! HOP! Here comes the Easter bunny down the Lacey trail and many smiling faces. The Lacey Food Bank is looking for donations of PEEPS and Easter Egg Coloring Kits. Easter candy is also needed all individually wrapped.

Donations can be dropped off at the Lacey Food Bank. They're accepting Easter items Monday - Saturday 10 am - 12:00 pm only, through March 13th, 2021.

When making your donations for the Lacey Food Bank, please make sure you label your donation for LFBKids Easter (Lacey Food Bank Kids Division) or Laura/LFBKids.

The Lacey Food Bank is always looking for these most needed donations, according to their Facebook page:

Peanut Butter (regular size jars, not super-sized)
Pancake Syrup
Bars of Soap
Dog & Cat Food
Salad Dressing
Spaghetti O's
Cooking Oil
Pam Spray
Sanitary Pads
Lacey Food Bank is located at 102 Station Drive in Lacey, Forked River, NJ 08731.
 Lacey Food Bank reminds us, please try not to donate items in glass jars. All jars should be plastic.
From the LFB Facebook page:
"A New Jersey Community Caring...
........By Sharing"
Who reading this will go to bed hungry tonight? Most of us in Lacey Township NJ are fortunate to have food on the table, warm clothes in the winter, and comfortable home. Left behind in the last few decades of growth and prosperity are the poor who know very well what it is like to be hungry. Many are the elderly, living on minimal social security. For them, crucial decisions include whether to heat their home, pay for a prescription, or eat.
The rest? Low-income families, single mothers, the family man who now finds himself without a job and always, the children.
For this reason, the Lacey Food Bank Program exists. No one in Lacey Township, NJ should have to go to bed hungry. We will continue to reach out to these people, our Lacey neighbors, to show that we care by sharing.
"Thank you" so much for donating when you can and helping to make kids smile this Easter. Our listeners have the biggest heart in Ocean County, I can't thank you enough. 

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