LINDEN — A dog found abandoned in the woods by an alert police officer is now getting a second chance at life thanks to a South Jersey animal refuge.

The dog named Buddy was found over Labor Day weekend, according to a Facebook post from the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge. He was found tied in a blanket in the wooded area of a dead end street, where the chances of anyone finding him were slim at best.

"Barely alive, barely breathing, somehow, Buddy found the strength to try and stand," the post said. "He wriggled and moved about, trying to get himself out of this predicament."

When the officer found him he called the Associated Humane Society in Newark to get the pup some help. Buddy was taken to Animal Emergency & Referral Associates in Fairfield where he received fluids, a blood transfusion and other forms of care. Even though he was too weak to walk or even hold his head up he was able to eat and drink, defying the odds and making it through the night.

From Fairfield he was taken to Popcorn Park where he is still listed in "guarded" condition. The post from the park said a good appetite will help him to get stronger every day.

"We will help him along the way, and do absolutely everything in our power to give him a chance at a new life, where he will never again suffer so terribly at the hands of a cruel and heartless person," the post said.

While the post said they "doubt that the perpetrator of this horrific crime will ever be found and brought to justice," the Humane Society said it will need help providing Buddy the care he will need to get better. Donations can be made through this website, or by texting ResQ to 501501.

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