I know a really weird question...

My daughter Abby plays volleyball on the beach in Ocean Gate. When I dropped her off last week there were lots of flip-flops hanging on the fence.

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I thought it looked so cool. I was asking her all kinds of questions, "Do you know why they're there?" "Are they lost flip-flops?" "Is there a color scheme?" Ok, she's fifteen she had no idea and never noticed them before.

I was never at this section of the beach in Ocean Gate so I've never seen this before. I don't believe I've ever seen the flip-flops hanging on the fence closer to where I sit near the spray park.

It's such a sense of community in Ocean Gate. I'll see a lot of my neighbors and friends and friends I haven't seen in a while.

I feel like I have seen this in a picture or somewhere else. I can't figure it out. Maybe I've seen it in Ocean Gate before, but I doubt it. Have you seen it before somewhere else?

Wouldn't it be a really cool picture to hang your living room? It looks like a lot of people just leave their flip-flops or shoes behind. I'm not understanding how you could just leave your shoes or flip-flops at the beach. Did you forget you wore shoes to the beach?

Some of the flip-flops on the fence looked really nice. Although, I bet my teenage daughter has left her flip-flops at the beach already and I probably never knew it.

So, are the flip-flops on the fence just lost shoes? Or is there a meaning behind them on the Ocean Gate beach?



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